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FVD-2016-Project_Guide-Cheery_Cards.png Military and Veterans: Cheery Cards

Make cards for people who might be alone during the holiday season.

FVD-2016-Project_Guide-Food_Drive.png Hunger: Food Drive

Organize a food drive to help people struggling with hunger.

FVD-2016-Project_Guide-Doggie_Bags.png Animal Welfare: Doggy Bags

Make dog treats for animals in shelters.

FVD-2016-Project_Guide-Friendship_Kits.png Homelessness: Friendship Kits

Make health and happiness kits for people living in shelters.

FVD-2016-Project_Guide-Piggy-Bank.png Environment: Upcycle Piggy Bank

Save-up for a good cause and protect the environment by making an upcycle piggy bank!

FVD-2016-Project_Guide-Seeds_of_Awareness.png Peace and Kindness: Seeds of Awareness

Identify insecurities, plant them as seeds and watch them grow into beautiful flowers!

FVD-2016-Project_Guide-Senior_Shuffle.png Seniors: Senior Shuffle

Plan a dance party for local seniors!

FVD-2016-Project_Guide-Turkey_Day_5k.png Health and Wellness: Turkey 5K

Organize a fun family 5k. Get in shape and raise money for a cause you care about!


FVD-2016-Reflection-Links_For_Change.png Links for Change:

Reflect on your volunteer experience.

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