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Our family decided to go to San Francisco to volunteer. Seeing how much poverty there is on the streets was a real eye opener for us. So on November 9 we volunteered at a soup kitchen where we helped serve food to the homeless. We loved bringing smiles to peoples faces and serving others felt good. As of 1 month ago we decided to pledge to volunteer each week to help our community in some way. Making care bags for the homeless has been our highlight. We recently assembled bags and handed them to the homeless living on the streets. Hearing their stories helped us become more aware of others vs. thinking of ourselves so much. Seeing a child who moves from shelter to shelter broke our hearts. We realized how lucky we are to have a roof over our heads and to not take our life for granted. This experience has brought our family closer and this taught us that volunteering can be super fun! Volunteering gave us the opportunity to step outside of ourselves and be a blessing to others. Family Volunteer Day helped us become more excited to go out of the way to make a difference in the world and find more to do within our own community to bring love to others. We hope everyone can pledge to "Create Change". Here is a 1 min video we made of our Family Volunteer Day experience - Love, Rebekah (14), Emily (11) & Tanya (mommy)