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The Stockings Patriots sent 3000 Christmas stockings last November to one of the overseas US military bases. The stockings were stuffed and packaged for mailing on Family Volunteer Day, November 19, 2016. Approximately 250 individuals representing families, businesses, and different youth-oriented groups participated. At about 8:00 am, the work began with stockings being stuffed with candy, pens, toiletries, decks of cards, little wooden games, and a card packet containing a Christmas card with a handwritten message of encouragement and letters from various dignitaries. The stockings were all packed into 600 boxes ready for mailing by about 10:30. The room was cleaned and all equipment packed away by noon, when the post office truck arrived and picked up the boxes. These hours on November 19 represented many, many more hours of creating the Stockings, gathering and processing the donated contents, writing the Christmas cards, and making the wooden games.